The best tool for saving and organizing the links to your favorite sites.

Classy design, dial customization, convenient backup - all these are just a few of the features that will be available to you!

This extension takes over your new tab and changes your search bar inside FVD Speed Dial to Bing.

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Why do I need

Speed Dial?

Full Syncing

Access your favorite sites from any computer.


Easy to use

It’s as easy as ABC. Even your grandma can use it.


Cool Design

FVD Speed Dial will surely impress even the most demanding users


Totally Free

Our software is distributed a bsolutely for free. No fees, no charges.


Full Security

Block the sites that you consider inappropriate for yourself or your family



Customizing dials

You can give your dials a fully custom design – play with their size, make them transparent or change font color and size.

Easy backup

Want to keep your dials safe and intact? No problem! Simply export a file with your dials into any specific folder on your hard drive. It won’t take you more than a couple of clicks.

Customizing background

Change the background in FVD Speed Dial interface the way you please! You can switch the background color to your favorite one or even upload your family portrait as the background image – with FVD Speed Dial it is as easy as ABC!


Want to have access to your favorite sites from any computer? It’s easy! Our syncing feature will bring you just a click away from the sites you need at any moment!

Download FVD Speed Dial for FREE

Sync with


Fast and safe syncing feature will allow you to access your favorite sites from any computer –from your home PC and from your office computer, for instance. Even more, with EverHelper service you will be able to manage your dials from anywhere in the world!